The Cadillac Allante was a full-size roadster convertible. It was introduced in 1987. 

Year-to-year changesEdit


Very early in the '90s, the Allante came with a 4.5-liter V8 engine and 200 horsepower. Roughly 2,500 Allantes were sold during this year.


Not more than 2,000 Allante convertibles were sold in 1992.


This was the last model year for the Cadillac Allante, with more than a record-breaking 4,000 cars sold. A new 4.6-liter Northstar V8 engine was  The last cars rolled off the assembly line in July 1993, and no convertibles were ever made from Cadillac for 10 years.

Retail pricesEdit

Model year Body style List price Effective date
1991 Convertible $55,250 November 22, 1990
1991 Convertible $55,900 February 10, 1991
1991 Hardtop $61,450 February 10, 1991
1992 Convertible $58,470 October 13, 1991
1992 Hardtop $64,090 October 13, 1991
1993 Convertible $59,975 N/A


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