Infiniti's entry-level G20 was basically a restyled Nissan Sentra on a slightly stretched platform that was priced high enough to compete with import sedans like the Acura Vigor, Lexus ES 250/300 and BMW 318i. That's a tall order for a Japanese economy car. The G20, on the other hand, was a delight, a secret sport sedan loaded with extras.

A lot of its appeal came from the 140-hp dohc 4-cylinder it shared with the sporty Sentra SE-R. This was one of the nicest engines Nissan made, smooth, powerful and happy to rev. This car also included the 5-speed manual gearbox for maximum fun and utility. Its 4-speed was unique in that it shifts from Comfort mode to Power mode when tramping on the accelerator.

The G20 also included standard equipment like power steering, CFC-free air conditioning, a 160-watt sound system, alloy wheels and 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS.

Year-to-year changesEdit


In its first year, almost 14,000 Infiniti G20s were sold in 1991.


Early in April 1993, a midyear 1993.5 model for the G20 was released. It sold through early 1994.


The 1994 model was finally announced in February 1994, and went on sale nationwide in March.


New for 1995 was the G20t, a high-performance package that costed $2900 extra but added a limited-slip differential, foglights, rear spoiler and stickier tires, as well as a leather-upholstered interior, power front seats, power sunroof and remote keyless entry. Other thoughtful refinements included a cargo net in the trunk and height-adjustable rear headrests.

The 1995 G20 began selling nationwide in September 1994, after pricing was announced in August.


The 1996 G20 began selling nationwide in late August or September 1995. After 1996, the G20 went on a two-year hiatus.


When reintroduced for the 1999 model year, the G20 was also redesigned upon undergoing several changes. The name "G20" remained current until 2002.

Retail pricesEdit

As of February 18, 1994:

  • $21,975 (1994 Infiniti G20)

As of late 1994:

  • $22,875 (1995 Infiniti G20)

As of August 18, 1995:

  • $23,800 (1996 Infiniti G20)
  • $25,065 (1996 Infiniti G20 Touring)


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