Year-to-year changesEdit


There were two NX 2-door coupes made during the early '90s -- the 1600 and the 2000. Unlike the NX 1600, the NX 2000 had equipped ABS with manual transmission.


Optional T-tops were added for the NX 1600. As for the NX 2000, it was given a new power package consisting of power windows, power door locks and cruise control.


A standard T-top was given to the last of the NX 2000s, as the Nissan NX itself stopped selling in North America in 1993.

Retail pricesEdit

Model year Engine size List price Effective date
1991 1.6L $11,090 N/A
1991 2.0L $12,970 N/A
1992 1.6L $11,600 N/A
1992 2.0L $13,780 N/A
1993 1.6L $11,985 September 17, 1992
1993 2.0L $15,070 September 17, 1992


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