From 1988 to 1993, the LeMans was Pontiac's entry-level subcompact car in the market.

Year-to-year changesEdit

1991 1992 1993
VL 2DR Coupe
LE 2DR Coupe SE 2DR Coupe
LE 4DR Sedan SE 4DR Sedan


For 1991, the LeMans comprised of two trim levels for the two-door coupe: base and LE, while the sedan only came as an LE.


The LE trim level was renamed to SE.


Due to extremely low sales, the LeMans was discontinued after the 1993 model year, and the title for Pontiac's entry-level car went to the Sunbird since then.

Retail pricesEdit

2DR CoupeEdit

Model year Trim level List price Effective date
1991 Base $7,899 N/A
1991 LE/SE $8,629 N/A
1992 Base $8,050 N/A
1992 LE/SE $8,750 N/A
1993 Base $8,154 August 13, 1992
1993 LE/SE $9,054 August 13, 1992

4DR SedanEdit

Model year List price Effective date
1991 $9,079 N/A
1992 $9,465 N/A
1993 $9,854 August 13, 1992

Shipping pricesEdit

  • $345 (1992-1993)


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