Saturn lightly referred to its wagons as "sedans with a backpack." Chief competition came from the Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer wagons and Subaru's Impreza wagon.

Year-to-year changes

Retail prices

As of mid-1994:

  • $11,695 (1995 Saturn SW1)
  • $12,695 (1995 Saturn SW2)

As of July 17, 1995:

  • $11,995 (1996 Saturn SW1)
  • $12,895 (1996 Saturn SW2)


Model year Trim level Transmission Cylinders Engine Size Drive MPG Horsepower
1995 SW1 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 1.9L FWD 28 City/37 Highway 100
1995 SW2 5-speed manual 4-cylinder 1.9L FWD 25 City/34 Highway 124


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